PsDotNet Listener

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PsDotNet Listener

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PsDotnet is a strongly typed .net library used to automate Adobe Photoshop. It currently supports CS3 through CC2023.

PsDotNet Listener is a standalone application that is intended to help developers extend what PsDotNet can do. It provides the user the ability to echo back simplified C# code snippets as actions are performed in Photoshop. These snippets can then be copied and pasted directly into a C# project using PsDotNet.

  • Requires a valid PsDotNet license to use application.
  • Updates to the Library are free.
  • More information can be found here: http://psdotnet.com/listener/


Support is available via email at support@psdotnet.com. Support can also be found at PsDotNet.Slack.com

This application is intended to be used on computers using Windows operating system.


Personal, Micro, Small, Medium, Large licenses are available.

  • Personal licenses are not valid for commercial work.
  • Micro, Small, Medium, and Large licenses are valid for commercial work. You need a license per user.

.zip file contains Listener application, PsDotNet.dll, licensing application, and a demo license. Full license will be sent to your Gumroad email.

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