PsDotNet Library Demo

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PsDotNet Library Demo

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The Demo version of this library has some functionality disabled. To run the full version please purchase a license for the full library here: https://gumroad.com/l/OEOgA

PsDotNet is a strongly typed .NET library used to automate Adobe Photoshop. It currently supports CS3 through CC2023.

PsDotNet allows you to use the same code for all basic functionality for all supported versions of Photoshop. The library also handles breaking API changes as well as adding new functionality for newer versions.

PsDotNet allows developers to automate a significant amount of Photoshop’s functionality:

  • Opening, saving, and renaming documents
  • Document, art layer, layer set, layer masks, and channel creation and duplication
  • Art Layer and Layer Set reordering
  • Crop, rotate or flip a image or art layer
  • Resize the image or canvas
  • Copy and pasting content from one document to another
  • Applying filters and styles to art layers
  • Creating and utilizing paths and subpaths
  • Getting or setting the foreground and background colors

This list can go on and on, but suffice it to say that you can automate pretty much everything except the actual brush painting the canvas.

Additionally it provides a foundation on which developers can create additional functionality by using Photoshop’s Action Manager classes all within C#. See information on PsDotNet Listener companion application for specifics.


Support is available via email at support@psdotnet.com. Support can also be found at PsDotNet.Slack.com

This library is intended to be used on computers using Windows. Has not been tested on Linux or with Mono.

How to use

Simply unzip the download into a directory of your choosing and load up the .sln to run the QuickStart project. Alternatively, you can copy the PsDotNet.dll, .pdb, and .xml file out of the Resources directory to your own project.

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.zip file with QuickStart project and .dll

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